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Industrial shock absorbers are an important part of deceleration technology. ACE industrial shock absorbers decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, improve product performance, increase cycle speeds and dampen noise.

Most industrial operations require kinetic energy. This kinetic energy, however, cannot be stopped abruptly as it increases exponentially with velocity. It must be decelerated at a certain rate. Otherwise, costly damages to machinery may incur. Shock absorbers enable this machinery to decelerate safely. Industrial shock absorbers are utilized in a variety of fields and, as such, they can be customized to better serve the needs of a particular industry. Different sizes and weights exist to allow flexibility with design.

Industrial shock absorbers provide an alternative to springs and rubber bumpers. There are two varieties of hydraulic shock absorbers, those that involve air systems and those that involve fluids systems. As the shock absorber slows down it absorbs and converts the kinetic energy into heat, which is released through orifices in the shock absorber’s piston and dissipate. Springs and rubber bumpers, on the other hand, provide high stopping forces at the end of the stroke. The moving load is slowed down by a constantly rising reaction force up to the point of full compression. These devices store energy rather than dissipate it, thereby causing the load to bounce back.

With industrial shock absorbers there is a uniform stopping force throughout the entire stroke. The moving load is smoothly and gently brought to rest by a constant resisting force. The load is decelerated with the lowest possible force in the shortest possible time eliminating damaging force peaks and shock damage to machines and equipment. This is a linear deceleration force stroke curve and is the curve provided by ACE industrial shock absorbers.

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ACE Controls Inc., located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is the world leader in deceleration technology. Its global customer service network includes offices in England, Germany and Japan with distributors in over 110 cities in 35 countries.